Suspension Clamp For Insulated Wire

Suspension Clamp For Insulated Wire

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The Suspension Clamps are used for hanging/suspending Insulated Messenger Wire of Ariel Bunch Cables on Poles. The messenger wire is gripped with the Clamp by a adjustable gripper. The Clamps are made with Reinforced Polymer. Suspension Clamps are used with Aluminium Bracket attached with SS Tape and buckles with the Poles.

Features of Suspension Clamp For Insulated Wire :-

  •     Through the use of this clamp, hysteresis and eddy current power losses are reduced to minimum
  •     Helps to reduce noise from wiring expansion and contraction
  •     Preferred for its attributes like compact structure, shock proof body and easy assembling 

Applications of Suspension Clamp :-

  •     Electrical pole
  •     Power transmission line
  •     Transformer